Mahdieh Assar, M.D.

Mahdieh Assar, M.D.

Dr. Maddie Assar is on a mission to help women with early diagnosis, treatment, fighting breast cancer and saving their lives. The board-certified radiologist with fellowship training in breast imaging who has been helping women for 15-years throughout Arizona.

She explains:
“When I started to work as a radiologist and reading tons of mammograms and breast ultrasounds, I realized how much I can help other women fight against this horrible disease and how early diagnosis of breast cancer can affect their lives and their loved ones. Fifty percent of women have dense breasts and they are 4-6 times more prone to breast cancer which is a higher risk factor than family history of breast cancer. Therefore these women need more screening besides mammograms and that is the screening ultrasound which has not been offered to them and they have not been educated about it.

The goal is educating these women about their breast density and to let them know there are other techniques that can help them with a diagnosis of breast cancer in dense breast since screening mammograms are very limited.

My journey as a breast imager is helping these women to fight against breast cancer while providing screening mammograms and breast ultrasound and early detection which is the key factor in breast cancer survival.


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